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How Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 512MB MagicGate Recovery Is Done?

“On my Sony digital camera I often use Sony memory stick pro duo 512MB MagicGate to hold pictures captured in it. I offten use my memory stick on some other gadgets and even on my personal computers for saving important files. The memory stick is capable of holding almost 512 MB of data, that is why I only save crucial files in it. Unfortunately, last night I have forcefully plug-out out my memory stick from my personal system and encountered massive data loss on it beacuse it turned into to be corrupt. Well I jiust want to knwow is Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 512MB MagicGate recovery is possible, if yes then tell how to do it?”

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 512MB MagicGate recovery

Memory stick is widely used in technical industry to provide massive storage solutions. Memory Stick, memory cards and Secure SD card are one of the best examples if you want to know about it. Memory stick, is a tiny devices which can hold the user important data from the range of 128MB till 128GB. And one of the famous memory stick category is Sony memory stick Pro Duo MagicGate with 512MB storage capacity. Therefore it can store only 512MB of data in it so user must need to choose wise data to store on it. However it offten happen that due to improper use of stick may stuck you into a great damage like methined on the first para. After you pulled out the memory stick then you loss all your saved data and now want to how Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 512MB MagicGate recovery is done.

Apart from this there are more situtaion due to which user can easily loss their data and can put himself into great damage. Check some of the following which will make you clear what not to do from next time to avoid massive loss.

  • Memory stick Pro Duo is compatible on various platforms, so if you frequently switching to between different operating systems or gadgets may corrupt its file system.
  • Harmful virus invasion on memory stick may end up in corrupting the file.
  • Unintentionally deleting files from Sony memory stick.
  • Formatting / reformatting of Sony memory stick MagicGate without making any backup.
  • Interrupted process on memory stick can make to data corrupt.

In these mentioned situations, you may encounter data loss from Sony memory stick pro duo 512MB MagicGate. Well losing your important data from Sony MagicGate memory stick doesn’t mean that you have lost your files permanently. All files are saved in the same memory location in memory stick until you don't over-write it with new data.


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