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Recover Lost Photos From Memory Stick : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Being Developed by Sony, Memory Stick is regarded as digital data storage technology that comes up with 10 times storage capacity of 3.5 diskette. Sony is promoting this Memory Stick as a new way to share and transfer pictures, sound, and other relevant data between different electronic items likewise Cameras. Basically this memory Stick is available in different sizes as 4 MB, 8 MB, 16 MB, and so on. They are normally smaller in size as compared to data storage devices, that includes smart media and compact flash memory. This memory Stick is first introduced by the Sony in their Cameras, camrecorders and other digital photography equipment. It get launched by Sony in 1988. Soon, in 2010, Sony announced that it add support for SD cards for new gadgets, suggesting that Memory Sticks would be fixed out in favor of SD Cards, that had been widely adopted by other manufacturers.

Sony has also released several models of Memory Stick as Memory Stick PRO,  Memory Stick Duo,  Memory Stick Pro Duo,  Memory Stick Micro. The high capacity of Memory Sticks ranges from 4MB to 256 GB, with maximum capacity of 2 TB. Today, Sony digital Cameras mostly uses SD and SDHC memory cards.

How To Recover Lost Photos From Memory Stick

With the development of Digital Camera, most of the people start using digital camera like Sony Digital Camera. This digital camera stores the pictures as a  separate file on a flash memory card. This storage device is widely used in your cameras that help you to store personal files as images, videos, music, films, documents etc.  However, the photos and other important data get lost due to various reasons as accidental loss, memory card formatting, virus attack and much more. Hence, whenever you encounter such data loss, you just install a Photo Recovery Software, that will rescue your pictures.

This Smart tool is regarded as a reliable solution for digital image recovery, digital picture recovery, media recovery, photo rescue and much more. Using this Photo Recovery Software is safe and risk free. It will recovers the photos and movie clips from the source memory card and saves them into destination location that you specify.


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