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Best Solution For AVI Repair After Recovery

Is your recovered avi file not playing in any media player? Are you used any third party software to recovery your avi file? You are unable to rectify whats the problem behind this issue? This actually happened after you recovered these video files using a untrusted third party file recovery tool. Although you were able to successfully recover deleted videos, the files are refusing to play on any media player after that. This is the worst situation and user may suffered after that.

Restoring lost or corrupted files is quite easy using any data recovery tool. There are many data recovery tools which are available over the Internet that claim to restore your lost files or corrupted files easily. But the matter of fact, is this third party tools are reliable and once you recovered your data, all files are in good state or the file fully functional? Thus there is no guarantee that the recovered file or other videos, music or picture file structure is in good state and may get corrupt during the process. These tools might try to access the header information of the files, followed by editing or damaging them. This is the reason why AVI files fail to play.

Hence, you don't need to worry for AVI Repair After Recovery because there is innovative software “Photo Recovery Tool” which is the truly reliable program for these type of situation. It is designed by professions with latest program logic for AVI Repair After Recovery. The software provides safe and easy solution to fix AVI videos which are corrupted after recovery. It repairs and restores the AVI video’s with original file format, and also doesn’t modify the corrupt .avi video further. The fixed file can be played on any media player.

There are some features Which belongs to this Photo Recovery Tool

  • Software has a simple and user-friendly GUI
  • Able to repair corrupt Video file format.
  • Able to perform repair operation in batches.
  • Quick and efficient repairing process.
  • Able to perform efficiently on system configuration.
  • Able to repair corrupt videos irrespective to the causes of corruption


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