Repair Pentax K1000 Missing Picture File : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Pentax K1000 is regarded as one of the greatest and longest lived cameras. Its simple in appearance, and also does exactly what it need to do. However, exactly, like Apple, simplicity of Pentax K1000 is its greatest strength. All the fancier user of digital cameras never gets in the way of getting great picture. But it can achieved easily by Pentax K1000 Digital Camera. Some DSLR photographers are standing there and cursing at their cameras when they can't figure out, as why they won't take the picture, when they press Shutter. In that time, Pentax K1000 Digital Camera just keeps shooting.

This Pentax K1000 Digital Camera is a 35mm SLR, its completely mechanical and needs no battery to run, except for on “tiny 20 A76 Cell”, to run its light meter.

The Pentax K1000 Digital Camera is so brilliant that you never need to turn the camera or meter on or off. Both are always open for instant picture taking.

Technical Specification:-

Type:- 35mm Single -Lens Reflex

Lenses:- Pentax K mount, Pentax screw-mount with adapter, manual diaphragm, and stop down metering.

Name:- K1000, Spotlighting the advanced 1/1,000 top shutter speed.


  • Through the lens full aperture metering.
  • Instant -return mirror.
  • Single 360 degree rotating shutter speed dial.
  • ASA Setting on shutter dial with automatic ASA Lock.
  • Full Aperture View With Fully Automatic Diaphragm.
  • “Pure Image” finder with no distractions except the meter / zone system needle.

Beside these features, sometime digital photography may cause accidental deletion of photos from Pentax K1000 Digital Camera, hitting of reformat button by mistake, formatting of digital camera, and so on, may cause the great loss of photos from Pentax K1000 Digital Camera. But in these situations, you don't need to panic. You can recover your deleted or formatted pictures with free Photo Recovery Software. It provide great possibility to recover all your missing photos from Pentax K1000 digital camera.

Photo Recovery Software will easily restores back each of you lost photos from Pentax K1000 Digital Camera. It can be applied on both Windows as well as Mac Operating System. it just requires handful of steps that to be followed to recover these photos. It can recover lost pictures from all compact digital camera DSC and DSLR Pentax Digital Cameras, and other HD Video camcorders that includes Nikon, Coolpix, Canon, Powershot, Samsung, Sony Cybershot and so on. It can also repair your photos from digital camera storage including Internal Memory, and Memory Card as Sony, Sandisk, Kingston, Memory Sticks and so on. So, the best solution you have is to install Photo Recovery Software as soon as possible into your Camera.


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Recover Digital Media From Digital Cameras

Digital media is known to be electronic devices that mainly works on the digital codes. Today, most of the computing is primarily based on the binary number system. in this case, it mainly refers to the states of “0” and “1”, for representing some arbitrary values. Digital media like digital audio, digital video, and other graphical content, that can be referred as or distributed through digital information processing machines.

However, if you have mistakenly deleted photos, formatted your memory card, lost your photos when you are transferring images from digital camera to PC, found any inaccessible storage media, encounter any software failure and so on, then in these cases you need to recover your lost digital camera media files. For this, you have to install Photo Recovery Software into your digital camera. This freeware tool supports easy recovery of your files that supports other formats as picture file format, camera raw images, audio files, video files and other similar one.

This Photo Recovery Software also performs data recovery from all popular hard disks and removable storage media, such as Western Digital Hard Disk recovery, memory card recovery after quick format, USB flash drive format recovery and so on. As we all know that all digital cameras are stored on a memory card. So, you just need to connect your digital camera card to the computer with Card Reader, and scan your card with the use of Photo Recovery Software, to recover your lost digital media files with great ease.

Standard Features of Photo Recovery Software –

  • Recovers Images, Videos, And other media files.
  • Also recovers your Documents, Spreadsheets, Tex files and much more.
  • Creates a backup image of your media card for achieving.
  • Allows you to safely format and wipe media cards.
  • Also supports RAW files and other HD Video.

Professional Features:-

  • Get Compatible with all camera formats as from Digital Backs to Point And Shoot Models.
  • Also includes Digital Media Doctor for performance testing, and Media Restoration.
  • Quickly Backup, Wipe, Format, and also restore your used Digital Memory Cards.
  • You should always know where to replace your memory cards, before its too late.


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Complete Solution To Fix Invalid JPEG Marker Error : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Photos are most important for capturing our memories and view them for even future time. So, its essential to save your collected photos, documents, files and other image files on your PC hard drive, to avoid big damages. But due to certain reasons, you fails to open your file while trying to access these image files. In this case, if the saved picture files in JPEG format, you might encounter “Invalid Jpeg Marker” error message.

These days most of the users relay on portable devices as Digital Camera, Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, for storing photos and images. All we know that Photos are the best way to capture present moment and remember them in future.

JPEG is regarded as common Photo File format that is used at large scale in several branded digital cameras as Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and so on. But there might be some situation arises where photos stored in the digital camera or other devices that get corrupted, or become inaccessible. However, by using Photo Recovery Software, you can easily recover your damaged or lost photos.

Main Causes of Invalid JPEG Marker Error Occurrence:-

  • Generation of bad sectors in hard disk cause corruption of your stored JPEG file.
  • Intrusion of malware into PC, while opening JPEG file.
  • Cause major corruption or broken of header of JPEG image file.
  • “Invalid JPEG Marker” error occur due to incomplete JPEG scan, that end up corrupting of your valuable data.
  • Using digital camera even after indication of battery low message.

However, if the problem still exist, you can download and install Photo recovery software that is available to fix “Invalid JPEG Marker” error. It will repair your corrupted JPEG files with great ease. Not only it repair your damaged JPEG photo file, but also extract and repair their thumbnails, if you want. This software is highly effective and ensure that there is complete recovery of your JPEG file on Mac and Windows OS. You can try its free versions to see the efficiency of the software in recovering your JPEG files. Photo recovery software also allow you to preview of all your recoverable images and once you get satisfied, you can go through its licensed version. So, don't wait and install Photo recovery software as early as possible into your portable device.


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Retrieve Back Lost Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F Photos : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

If you are more passionate for photography, then Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F is the right option. Its destined to be your favorite digital camera. It get combine with 21x optical zoom with 23mm Wide Angle Lens. It also allow you to effortlessly capture images and snapshots of majestic landscape. Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F also supports Wi-Fi, Cloud, and NFC functionalities, that enable you to share perfectly taken images in various ways. However, with its stylish retro-modern look, you can shoot anything in sight.

Smart Features:-

  • Social Media Upload, Email, Photo beam, Remote ViewFinder, Auto-Backup
  • 21x Optical Zoom
  • 1080p HD Video
  • microSD card required

Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F also possess Smart Mode feature . This advanced feature help you to access the range of special photo -taking modes as Professional photography of light traces, high speed motion, can also get achieved with a single touch. Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F also comes up with in-built 16.3 MP CMOS Sensor, that needs less light than its conventional counterparts, to perform some superior shooting. With low light Shot Mode, three continuous shots can be taken together and merged int one to deliver a bright and sharp composition.

Technical Effects Of Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F:-

Sensor type:- 16.3 Megapixel BSI CMOS

Lens:- Samsung Lens 3500 Film

Optical Zoom:- 21x

Display :- TFT LCD

Size:- 75.0mm, 460K dots

Image Aspect Ratio:- 4:3

Image Stabilization:- Optical

Lost Photos From Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F:-

Yesterday, I forgot to charge my camera battery. Its approximately 30% and I decided not to use my Wi-Fi connection, to save my camera battery. Hence, all my photos are saved in my Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F SD card. But after half an hour, it goes off. I am unable to bring out my photo files. What should I do to get back my photos? Please help!!! Similar scenario can happen again and again on web. There can be other reasons to lose your vital photos and videos:-

  • Accidentally deletion of some photos, or videos from Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F.
  • Encounter of Memory card error.
  • Virus attack on Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F photos and videos files.
  • Formatted Samsung WB350F SD Card.
  • Get Connected With Infected Device.
  • Pull out SD card Without any reasons.

Hence, these phenomenon lead to complete loss of your photos and videos from Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F. But you should not get worry. Here presenting the best solution that will recover your corrupted , damaged or lost photos and videos from Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F. Thus, Photo Recovery Software is the right choice to recover all sorts of photos and videos from this Samsung WB350F Camera.

Highlights Of Photo Recovery Software:-

  • Samsung SMART CAMERA WB350F Photo Recovery Software recover deleted photos from digital camera, SD Memory Card.
  • Support EXFAT / FAT32 / RAW file and other file formats.
  • Easy To Restore from Samsung Camera Recycle Bin.
  • Also Supports other camera brands as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and so on.
  • Get Compatible With both Mac and Windows OS.


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Recover Formatted Photos From Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 is most amazing digital camera, that delivers good photo and video quality. It contains set of features, and class leading performance. It so advanced Four Thirds Format point and shoot with manual controls that is used to design to enable and inspire creativity. Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 contains amazing feature as large multi-aspect 4/3 inch type with MOS sensor to produce 12.8MP still images and 4K Ultra HD video at 30 and 24 fps. You can also have the ability to extract high resolution 8MP images from 4K video, and let you capture entire scenes without missing any shot.

Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 Highlights:-

  • Legendary LUMIX LX series with manual controls.
  • Super light capture with large, multi-aspect micro four thirds sensor.
  • 24-75 mm Leica DC Lens for Defocus effectively.
  • Stable and clear framing, as thanks to eye-level EVF.
  • Fully Hybrid Photo experience with 24 p or 30 p 4K Ultra HD Video and 4K Photo mode.
  • External Flash Included.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity With NFC.

Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 digital camera is realy world wide famous especially to its DMC series. Its really popular among thousand of photographers. But it can’t stop its users from losing photos and videos here, due to several reasons. The reasons may be:-

  • When battery was low on the LX100, you have taken images for some time.
  • Accidental deletion of the pictures from your Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 camera.
  • Hit Reformat button mistakenly, may lead to loss of pictures.
  • Memory card corruption.
  • Virus Intrusion.
  • Improper Handling Of Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 camera.
  • Use or connect Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 from different infected devices.

However, if you search about Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 photo recovery solution on web, you will get not any solution. So, its urgently required that you have backup of your data with yourself. If there is no any valid data backup, users are required to use Photo Recovery Software, to recover photos from Panasonic Lumix dmc-lx100 digital camera. You just need to use Photo Recovery Software that will recover and repair all your damaged or corrupted photos at free of cost. Its just well known specialized software that recover your photos or videos from any Panasonic camera as Panasonic DMC – FZ1000, Panasonic LUMIX GX7 and so on. Beside Panasonic, it also recover photos from other digital cameras as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, and so on. This Software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS. So, just install Photo Recovery Software and see its wonderful effects.


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Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 Photo Recovery Solution : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 is a latest update to last year Fujifilm FinePIx S2950, and get features with 18x optical zoom lens that get equivalent to 28 -504 mm and 14 Mega-pixel CCD Sensor. Its better for shooting landscapes and close-up of distant objects. To take the sharpest picture, there is Dual Image Stabilization that get combined with high ISO sensitivity and sensor shift Stabilization.

Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 comes with wide range of shooting modes, SR Auto Scene recognition that automatically adjusts the camera settings for the scene, as well as semi-automatic and manual modes for those who are able to do advanced settings. Other features include clear face detection, red-eye removal link, blink detection as well as smile and shoot mode.

Videos are get recorded at 720p at 30 fps, with optical zoom that si available during recording. It can also be attached with HDTV for playback.

Main Features Of Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980

  • 14 MegaPixel CCD Sensor.
  • 18x Optical Zoom lens.
  • Sensor shift image Stabilization.
  • Full manual Controls.
  • 3 inch, 230k dot, LCD screen.
  • ISO 100-6400.
  • 2 cm minimum focusing distance.
  • 1.2 fps continuous shooting at full resolution.

How To Recover Formatted Photos and Videos From Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980

As we know that Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 offer great features, but sometimes it cause problem. The pictures that are taken by Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 saves in memory card. Somehow, it get deleted or formatted by the user mistakenly, while browsing through photos.

Causes that led to loss of Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 photos

  • Mishandling of camera.
  • Accidental deletion of photos.
  • Use of incompatible memory card.
  • Forceful ejection of card.
  • Switching of camera while read/ write operation.
  • Error while transferring photos.
  • Clicking photos in low battery.
  • Accidental formatting of memory card.

Possible Way To Recover Lost Photos From Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980

Is there any safe way to recover Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 lost or deleted photos? The answer is yes. When photos or other media files get deleted from Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 memory card, the raw data of these deleted files does not get erased from this FujiFilm camera. Only those table entries of photo and video get deleted.

So, its really possible to recover those deleted photos and videos files from Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 camera. A good way is to download Photo Recovery (Win / Mac) Software, that is used to scan the memory card and collect lost photos and videos and then form them in new photos and videos.

Beside recovering from Fujifilm camera, it also retrieve photos from other popular brands of digital camera as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, ans so on. This type of software usually used for data recovering from all kinds of storage medium. One of its best feature is that it get updated with advancement of technology. So, users are needed to install Photo recovery Software as soon as possible in Fujifilm FinePix s series s2980 digital camera.


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Nikon Coolpix L11 Photo Recovery Software : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Nikon Coolpix L11 Digital camera is a 6 -megapixel point and shoot camera that produces very nice pictures, with a price tag of less than $150. However, with a simple and compact design, Nikon Coolpix L11 won't win any contests. Its control scheme is direct and simple, with a large joypad as well as large buttons that feel comfortable for even large thumbed users. Its mode slider and zoom rocker feel a bit narrow, but they can be still manipulated easily. The 6.2 ounce, 1.1 inch thick, plastic-bodied camera uses two AA batteries for flexible power. This Nikon Coolpix L11 Digital Camera also offers surprising features as Nikon's In-Camera Red Eye Fix and Face Priority AF. In Camera Red-Eye Fix Supplements the camera's red eye reduction flash mode with processing system that removed red-eye after the picture was taken. AF detects and tracks faces in photos, as well as adjust the focus to stay on these faces, instead of just the closest subject. Hence, both these features come on most standard Nikon Coolpix L11 Camera.

Technical Summary Of Nikon Coolpix L11:-

Color:-  Black

Item Dimensions :- 2.9 x 5.6 x 6.8 inches

Item weight :- 1.25 pounds.

Optical Sensor Resolution:- 6 MP

Optical Zoom:- 3x

Shipping Weight :- 1.25 pounds

Viewfinder type:- Optical Viewfinder

But sometime, you might lose your precious pictures anytime from Nikon Coolpix L11 digital camera. It can be due to unconditionally, deletion or formatting. Hence, losing such precious moments pictures will be more frustrating. There are many other causes for losing images from Nikon Camera, likewise-

  • Accidental Deletion :- You might press “Delete All” button mistakenly, while viewing some images in your Nikon Coolpix L11 camera.
  • Formatting:- Appearance of Error messages as “Card not formatted” may pop-up, while accessing memory card of Nikon Coolpix L11 camera.
  • Improper Usage:- Nikon Coolpix L11 camera get mishandled by the user, by switching off the camera while transferring photos, when camera battery is low.
  • Interruption During File Transfer:- Cancellation of the file transfer processes or ejecting Nikon Memory card abruptly.

Other reasons might be faulty firmware, file system corruption, and so on. But even after losing Nikon Coolpix L11 camera photos, you can get them back easily with Photo Recovery Software. It provides quick and easy solution to recover your those deleted or missing pictures from your Nikon Coolpix L11 digital camera within short time.

Exciting Features Of Photo Recovery Software –

  • Helps in retrieving various types of photos format as PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, RAW and more similar one.
  • Nikon Coolpix L11 Photo Recovery Software Also enables you to recover data from mobile memory card along with other cards as SD, SDHC, SDXC and so on.
  • Recovered files can easily get evaluated using Preview option.
  • Also Helps in retrieving photos from crashed hard drive, formatted iPod, pen drive etc.
  • You can also save the restored files to any desired storage location like CD / DVD or other external storage devices using Nikon Coolpix L11 Photo Recovery Software.

So, you should not wait anymore and install Photo Recovery Software as soon as possible into your PC, so that you can easily recover those missing or corrupted image files from Nikon Coolpix L11 camera.


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Free Picture Recovery From Hard Disk Drives : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

An external Hard drive is very similar to those of Internal hard drive, but it get connected to your system externally. It is used as portable storage device, that get carried by anyone easily, to transfer their media files or other form of data from one system to another system. Hence, the main intention of using an external hard drive is to keep data backup. Thus, nowadays, most of the people heavily depend on external and internal drives to store their huge amount of data, but they sometime end up while deleting or formatting their drive.

Phenomenon that lead to serious photo deletion from hard disk:-

  • Deleting photos accidentally from internal / external hard disk drive.
  • Important pictures might get deleted using Shift + Delete key together, that bypasses the recycle Bin.
  • Third-party application software get conflicting with your system software.
  • Power Failure while previewing photos present on their hard disk.
  • Serious Interruption, while previewing photos that is present on hard disk.
  • Malware attack on picture files.
  • Re-formatting of hard drive by converting file system format from FAT to NTFS.
  • While connecting your system with external hard drive, you encounter an error.
  • Recover Photos From Hard disk-

Hence, if any of your personal photos get deleted or lost from the Hard disk, then you should not get panic. There's still good chance of getting back those deleted photos, using Photo Recovery Software. But here, you should remember that you should not write any new data to the disk drive after data loss.

Photo Recovery Software is the most reliable solution that is used to recover your picture file after any photo loss situation. This software easily perform the recovery of the photos from internal and external hard drive. However, it also supports different hard disk brands as Toshiba, Kingston, Segate and other similar one. Hence, with the help of this wonderful application, you can also recover high resolution RAW Photos file that get captured by digital cameras as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and so on. Apart from this hard disk drives, this program will also help you in restoring your images from SD Card, Pen drive, and other storage media. Thus, this Photo Recovery Software also retrieves other media formats as audio or video files. So, you should not sit idle and install Photo Recovery Software immediately into your system.


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Restore Deleted Photos From Windows 8 : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Windows 8 is used as the latest version of Windows that has gained much popularity among the user. Its multi-touch display, will perform many tasks simultaneously and provide data security against accidental deletion. But in some situations, photos get deleted from the Windows 8. these situations may be:-

  • Deleting pictures from command prompt.
  • Using Shift + Del key to erase those messages.
  • Emptying your Recycle bin after deleting those photos.
  • Enabling “Don't move file to the Recycle Bin” option, Remove these files immediately when deleted”.

However, Recycle Bin is the last option to restore all your deleted files on your Window 8 Operating system. In these cases, these pictures are not stored in Recycle bin, so they will have loss of images that are deleted mistakenly. 

Sometimes user get frustrated with themselves because they have deleted some picture files or other content. Then they will realize the requirement of those picture files after some time, and started search for any option to get back those files.

What do you mean by permanently deleted folder?

Most of the people usually select the folder, right click on it and choose “Deleted” option when they want to delete a file. Hence, folder deleted in this way is not permanently done. They can be get restored from the recycle bin. But if you press Shift + Del keys together, then your files cannot be restored back from the recycle bin. This folder is called permanently deleted folder. Then a question arises, how could you recover those permanently deleted photos?

How could you recover permanently deleted photo files?

Its difficult for the people to recover those deleted files in Windows 8, sometimes they realized that they have deleted wrong folders. But you should not get worry. Because, just by deleting a picture file is not completely removed from the system drive. It still exist on the same memory location, as unseen and inaccessible by operating system. However, you can get back those deleted pictures using am efficient tool known as Photo recovery Software, that will extract deleted photos on Windows 8 system.

Those permanently deleted photos can get recover using Photo recovery Software. It is the best choice for powerful data recovery as well as photo recovery, using its ease to use feature. This program will scan deeply your system, and then search for the permanently deleted folders. Then after it will allow you to export the recoverable folders to other storage media. Its interesting interface will guide you completely to finish the process with single click. Hence, you don't need to have any professional skills or data recovery experience. It will retrieve all types of picture files from different storage devices. So, you should not sit idle and install Photo Recovery Software instantly into your Windows 8 machine.


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Recover Missing Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS Picture Files : Get Corrupted Deleted Lost Photo Recovered

Canon is regarded as digital camera that is ruling very greatly in the field of photography with its amazing features and functionality This digital camera is regarded as the best selling digital camera around the world. Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS is pretty more for its picture quality and sleek design. This Powershot ELPH 300 HS delivers good images and reliable performance in a variety of shooting conditions.

Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS is one of the new compact digital camera that recently released by Canon. Its newest model of the line of compact cameras whose previous version was the SD1400 IS.

Quick Specification:-

  • Camera:- Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS
  • Megapixels:- 12.1 in.
  • Optical Zoom:- 5x
  • LCD Size:- 2.7 Inch
  • Image Processor:- DIGIC 4
  • Focal Length:- 24-120
  • HD Video :- 1080p
  • Storage Media Types:- SD Memory Card
  • About Camera:- Take it everywhere, Full HD, smart AUTO make shooting awesome
  • Feature Call Out:- Slim, Ultra Compact, Ultra Wide angle, HD Videos, HS SYSTEM, Movie Digest

But due to some illogical and human errors, these captured pictures using Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS Digital Camera can get lost or deleted in various circumstances.

Most Common Picture Loss Scenario led by Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS are as follows:-

  • Pictures get missing due to some virus infections.
  • Capturing photos when this Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera run slowly due to low battery.
  • If the files on Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera gets corrupted.
  • Others valid reasons may be unintentional formatting of Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS ‘s storage medium.

Hence, after facing such scenario, your pictures will be still in tact with Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS, until the memory card is get overwritten with another new data. Hence, those vital pictures will get restored by employing some reliable Photo Recovery Software. But you have to stop using Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera, because, if you capture any new photos, it will occupy the space of your deleted pictures, and once its memory space is overwritten by the new files, then the recovery of the lost pictures is not possible.

Fix Deleted Picture Using Photo Recovery Software

Photo Recovery Software is the best solution that will restore all the pictures from Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera, that get lost due to accidental deletion, file system changes to RAW or unplug the camera without disconnecting it appropriately. Hence, Photo Recovery Software will help you in resolving these troubles.

Photo Recovery Software is widely used photo recovery tool because its totally safe, secure and non destructive. It also provides full support for recovering your missing or deleted images from various digital cameras like Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic and so on. You can retrieve your pictures from the USB Drives, Flash Memory Card and so on. Photo Recovery Software also supports retrieval of RAW Pictures formats as NEF, CR2, MOS, MEF and more similar one. Along with picture recovery, it will also recover your videos . It get compatible with all major versions of Windows and Mac Operating system. So, if you want to recover Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera images and videos, you have to install Photo Recovery Software as soon as possible.

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