Effective Solution To Mend MP4 File Not Showing Video

“Last month I went to a family trip with my family and relative. Being on a trip with family is a special moment and that we always want to capture it so that we can memorize it later to cherish them. I have recorded a 50 minutes short video and all the videos are saved in .mp4 file format. Then I decided to tranfers all the recorded videos to my PC. After transferring the videos in my PC, I then played them with media player. But the mp4 video file does not play and does not show any video, only the audio can be heard. Then I stopped the played. After this I tried to play the video with other media player but the same thing happened. Now I am helpless and don't know how to fix. I really don't know to mend mp4 file not showing video”.

Mp4 is a multimedia container format which is otherwise also called as MPEG-4. The files format is widely used for the purpose of streaming any video over the internet. However, the mp4 files are typically large in size and contains audio as well as video streams. One of the merit of mp4 format is that it can be played with any media player without any problem. But, the issue 'mp4 file not showing' can take place due to several factors that has affected the mp4 files. This might be because of following reasons :

  • Mp4 video file can get corrupted due to malware attack which results in damage of file structure.
  • Recording mp4 files when your device is running out of battery.
  • Mp4 header file corruption.
  • Interruption during transfer of mp4 files from one device to another makes it inaccessible.

When such situation arises, don't panic. If you want to mend mp4 file not showing then you need to use Photo Recovery software, a brilliant and powerful recovery software designed to tackle problems related to video and audio files.


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Efficiently Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is an android based touch screen mobile gadget was launched in February 2016. The smartphone comes with 5.10 inch touch screen display with resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels at a PPI of 577 pixel per inch. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by 1.6GHz octa-core processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 200GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S7 packs a 12-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front shooter for selfies. One of the high quality features is that it captures high quality pictures and photos and provides high storage space up to 32gb of internal storage of the data.

But, it is unfortunate to notice that even Samsung Galaxy S7 mobiles are prone to corruption which later on lead to loss of photos and other data. Actually, this critical situation arises when the smart phones comes under the attack of virus, files corruption issues, mishandling of devices, accidentally deletion, device errors etc. Whatever be the reasons, you ultimate lose your important photos from the Samsung android devices. It can be really frustrating or disappointed for the user's as they can find their precious photos lost from the devices.

Well, all your precious photos can be recovered, if you have kept the backup of the photos from where you can recover all your precious photos and other data. If you don't have the backup then there is no possibility to restore deleted photos manually. Well, there is no need to get disappointed as there is still a solution that will restore all the deleted photos. As expert recommendation, Photo Recovey Software is a trustworthy tool has been designed with strong scanning algorithm that scans the device and repair all corruption issues effectively and fix errors and restore all precious photos back and that too in the same original file formats. The tool supports all photos file formats that include JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF etc and compatible with all other android devices. Now simply download Photo Recovery Software and within a few clicks, all your lost photos are recovered.


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Tips To Repair Videos from Canon Rebel T6S

Canon, a worldwide famous brand name that has brilliant features to capture amazing pictures as well as record videos. The videos are undoubtedly high definition and so is the Rebel T6S. This digital camera has amazing features and is capable of producing high quality pictures and videos. The model EOS Rebel T6S camera is quite capable of recording videos of 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second using 24.2 megapixel CMOS censor. The Rebel T6S model is also known as EOS 760D. The videos recorded through this canon model is saved in .mp4 file format. It enables you to click pictures as well as to shoot videos simultaneously just by pressing shutter button of the canon Rebel model. Despite of the features this camera provides, video files are prone to corruption and damage and you may need to repair videos from Canon Rebel T6S. Consider a scenario where you can lose your precious video files.

“Few days ago, I captured some memorable clippings through my Canon EOS Rebel camera and after shooting videos it get saved on the memory card. Then I thought of pulling out the memory card but I did it without proper ejection. And this resulted in the improper playing of video files in the media player. Now, you ended up with corrupted video files”. However, not the above mentioned scenario is the only cause for photo loss, there can be other reasons too. Exposure of memory card to harsh climatic conditions leads to damage to memory card as well as video files stored on it. Virus infection can cause corruption of video files. Incorrect usage of memory card, forceful ejection of memory card, interruptions while transfer of video files, imporper compression of files are some factors that badly affect the quality of mp4 files.

Here, you need help to fix the issue. Even after trying so many solution, nothing is fixed. Thus, Photo Recovery software is here to help you. It will easily and effectively repair videos from Canon Rebel T6S.


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Know How To Recover Deleted Videos Android Internal Storage

Have you deleted your precious videos from android Internal Storage? Are you unable to access videos stored in the android devices? Is it showing some errors while accessing videos of the android internal storage? If So, then your videos from the android devices has got disappeared which has brought you at the above problems. Well, you have come at the right place where you get the complete solution to get rid of the problems and restore all deleted videos from android internal storage. This has been possible with the assistance of Photo Recovery Software that has developed with the purpose to fix corrupted android videos and restore all of them comprehensively. The tool provides sophisticated features and designed with strong advanced scanning features that scan the corrupted devices and fix all the errors and regain the accessibility of videos.

The best thing of the tool is that it restore deleted videos in the same original file formats and quality. It support restoration of all video file formats that include mpeg, mov, avi etc. It supports all android devices and make quick recover deleted videos android internal storage. As far as tool implementation is considered, it is easy to use as designed with user's friendly graphic interface that can be run by non technical persons easily and efficiently. No matter how your videos, images or other files deleted, lost, disappeared from internal storage, removal drive and HDD. It will find effectively from all storage device and provide your with same file structure.

Overall, You can rate the Photo recovery software as the best solution to overcome the solution and get restored deleted videos from the android devices. To implement the solution , all you need to do is to free download the Photo recovery software and run in your PC which can work on both OS including Windows and Mac and within a few seconds, all your deleted videos are restored in the same original quality and formats. Now, with the recovered videos, music, pictures, you can experience the same feeling and happiness.


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Know Effective Ways For Fixing MP4 Format

MP4 files are video format which is used to store video and audio files. This file format is based on MOV format which is made popular by Apple Inc. these video or audio files are comparatively large depending on the compression codex used. So it is very clear that large mp4 files are highly sensitive and easily get corrupted or damaged because mp4 files span large section of physical media. If you encounter a situation where your mp4 files get corrupted or damaged, here comes the need of fixing mp4 format.

You may lose or damage your mp4 files due to number of reasons. For instance, "take a situation where are supposed to clear out some unwanted data on your hard drive but suddenly your accidentally deleted your folder containing videos of your frineds and relatives stored on the hard drive. Though you have implremented many rceovery solution to recover lost mp4 video files, you failed". This scenario illustrates a situation where you may lose your mp4 video files, however, there are other reasons that can corrupt or damage your mp4 files. Few of them are listed below. Have a look on them :

  • Virus attack : virus attack on your system or system already infected with virus can corrupt your mp4 video files.
  • Physical damage to storage media : if any kind of physical damage occurs to storage media then it could probably damage your mp4 files stored on it as well.
  • Interruption while transfer : supppose you are transferring some of your video files from device to PC, any interruption occurs during this transfer. This results in corruption of mp4 files too.
  • Failure of power supply : while accessing or playing your mp4 video files on PC, suddenly power supply fails resulting your mp4 video files to corrupt.

These are few factors that can affect mp4 video files on your device, thus giving rise of fixing mp4 format on the system. Photo Recovery software is most powerful tool which is able to recover lost, damaged and corrupted mp4 video files easily. It is also recommended by experts as well.


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Best Guideline How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card

Are you worried for your Photos which accidentally deleted from SD Card? Is there might be another reason of photos deletion from SD Card? You tried nth ways to recovery but unable to access? You are wondering a reliable solution by which you can recover deleted photos from sd card? If all the above question's answer is yes and you are looking solution then it is right place and you are reading right post. Here we will provide you complete information about what are the reasons of photos deletion, why you are unable to access your photo and how you will access it hassle free manner. Read it carefully and get you all photos which proper file structure.

Well, it is really a worst situation when you loose your precious photos, videos files or other important data. There are various circumstances by which files get deleted or lost. We will discuss few of them which is specific for photo deletion from SD card.

  • Photo or other files mistakenly deleted from SD cards.
  • SD card occasionally crash or stop responding due to severe virus attack or error.
  • Formatted accidentally the SD card without proper backup.

Note : Once you data lost from your SD card, do not write any thing new into the card, might possible it may overwrite the actual space of lost files.

Easy Way To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card

When it comes to storing all your important photos, files, videos etc, it seems that your never have enough space on your devices. Taking about SD cards or other digital cameras are indispensable tools. However, you may lose your valuable photos or videos from SD cards any time. So it is necessary for every user to keep a proper backup for these type of situation. Apart from this, there are various tool in the market which claims for data recovery from sd card but it is not 100% that your recovered files has in same file structure. It might be possible you may not able to open or access the recovered Image or video.

Hence, Photo Recovery Tool is the comprehensive solution to restore photos, music and videos files lost from accidentally deletion, corruption or formatting. The tool has impressive features that allow image recovery from SD card, digital cameras, memory card , external storage and even hard disks. So download it and fix all your issues related to photo recovery from SD card.


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Recover Data After SD Card Folder Is Empty Error

SD Card are tiny storage device which can hold large amount of data for any digital device. However like other storage device security of data is also not guaranteed on SD card too. There are many cases where the SD card start showing abnormal behavior without any prior information which also make data unreachable. SD card folder is empty error is such an issue which user can face in their system or any device. A SD card can hold lots of important data such as pictures, videos, documents, music and because of such annoying error these data become inaccessible.

It is really annoying when you need your data and because of SD card folder is empty error you can't access them. But don't be frustrated because every problem has solution and being panic can only worsen the situation. Before moving to solution let's see some reason which is responsible for such SD card error:

  • Interruption while transferring data from SD card to computer
  • Corruption of SD card due to severe virus or malware attack
  • Using the same SD card in different device or system

If you are also getting SD card folder is empty error then you can try to resolve it using the below steps :

  • Go to Start menu, select Run and type cmd
  • A command prompt dialog box will appear
  • Then type attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*
  • Now you can check for your files and folder

If you are not able to find your file even after trying the above steps then don't be sad. You can still recover your data using powerful recovery software. Photo recovery software is such an amazing software which will retrieve your data after SD card folder is empty error. The application is equipped with latest recovery algorithm which make it capable to bring back lost, deleted, missing data from any situation. It supports recovery on different brand of SD or memory card and retrieve data which become inaccessible after any SD card error. Apart from SD card it can also recover your deleted multimedia files from other storage device too.


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Know How To Repair H264 MP4 on Mac Easily

It is completely a miserable situation when you end up losing your H264 video file from your mac system and you barely have any idea to get all those H264 files repaired. If you are looking for easy way to repair H264 mp4 on Mac, you are at right place. Read the instructions given below to solve your problem. Instructions given below are easy and simple to follow.

H264 is a new video codec for different types of video file format which also include mp4. Actually, the H264 coding format is used to record, compress and distribute video content over different media. With the help of this codec, it is very now easy to trim, merge, crop or add subtitle to MPEG-4 or MP4 video files. Sometimes, H264 is also termed as AVC which stands for Advanced Video Coding. What's more interesting is that, recording videos with different gadgets with different file formats can be converted into h.264 standard format with the same file extension. This file format is played on Mac operating system. But, the situation become worse when you come to know that your H264 mp4 video cannot be played on Mac system due to some technical fault.

Like other file formats, H264 mp4 video files are also prone to corruption and easily become inaccessible when any unexpected trouble occurs. In such case, you need to repair H264 mp4 on Mac system. Some scenarios are listed which can render corruption or damage to H264 mp4 video files. These are :

  • Due to the absence of H264 codec on your Mac system can possible make h.264 files unplayable in media players.
  • Malicious malware attack sometimes make your video files unplayable.
  • Also, presence of bad sectors and corrupt volume can alter working condition of H264 mp4 video files on Mac.

So, when you start to encounter problems like H264 mp4 file cannot be played, you better look out for a solution. This could be corrected with the help of Photo Recovery software.


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Best Guideline For AVI Video File Repair Quickly

Avi audio video file format, developed by Microsoft and used frequently by entire world. It is nothing but a multimedia container that stores video and audio data that may be encode in a variety of codecs. It uses less compression other than similar formats such as Mov or Mpeg. But apart from its features, it is also one of the critical situation once the AVI Video File corrupted or damaged. However once you faced this situations then you must need to know How AVI Video File Repair and which software to be used for AVI Video File Repair?

Cam-cord or PC users should known that it is very common to get AVI Video File corrupted or damaged. It is also sure that there must be some appropriate reason of AVI File corruption or data loss. Some of the reason is discussed here which will make you understand how your avi files get damaged. The most common behind Avi video file corruption are bad sectors on a hard drive, a virus, electromagnetic interference, software issues during creation, and torrent issues (Some AVI files on torrents are entirely legal). The causes sound serious, but it’s not necessarily the case. Some of the time, affected user can't trace the root of the problem back to a damaged index. Because AVI is a sub-format of the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF), it breaks data down into two blocks. Typically, these two blocks are indexed by an optional third block, it supplies the location of the data to the program that’s reading the file. This third block is usually the problem area. Due to this user may not play the Avi video file and get the message AVI Video File unable to play video due to corruption or damaged. Hence it is a tough situation and you need to perform AVI Video File Repair using best AVI Repair Software.

Moreover, it is really a big question which software to be used for AVI Video File Reair? Well as our deep research and recommendation by experts, Photo Recovery Software is a great tool for rescue from all AVI Video File corruption or damaged issues. It is designed such a powerful video repair tool for repairing corrupt or damaged AVI and other video files. The software repairs corrupt videos, damaged due to compression issues, changes made in the file formats, read/write errors, virus attack, and other reasons.


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Repair Corrupted JPEG File With Best JPEG Repair Software

best JPEG repair software

JPEG, Joint Photographic Expert Group is the common files format and even count as the best image file format which provide high contrast, and clear picture quality. However if you have lost you photo of JPEG file format or it is corrupted then you must need to know what is the best JPEG repair software to be used.

You are aware that JPEG files format tends to get corrupted or damaged. So it is very much possible that due to some obvious reason you are going to loss your JPEG files. Some of the reason is mentioned here on this post which will make you understand how your files get corrupted. JPEG files is a commonly used as compression for photographic images which allowing it of high image quality. Well still it is not far from unwanted error,due to one single mistake the JPEG file get corrupted and only best JPEG repair software you are able to fix it. It may be happen due to corruption on your card or storage device. As it is operated by human being then there maximum possibilities that it will get into serious problems. We human being can't be complete with making any mistake, there is number of cases where user share that they lost their valuable data due to silly mistake. Here are some common error which can corrupt your saved JPEG files.

  • Due to improper ejection of card in which file is saved.
  • Carelessly handling the device or card contains the JPEG files.
  • Virus attack and physical damage also make you file corrupt.

These common mistake can easily make your JPEG files corrupt. Well the big question is here is how corrupt JPEG files will be repair. What is the best JPEG repair software to be used, well the answer is simple by using Photo Recovery Software you can accomplish such difficult task.


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